In Hexo, Travis, S3 - Part 2: Deploying to AWS we got our site deployed to S3, so it’s available to everyone - still seems to be an odd domain name and we got our own domain, we want to connect to the bucket.

Route 53

With a domain registered at Amazon Route 53, we have to set up a hosted zone for this Domain. Head over to Route 53 » Hosted Zones and create a new one.

Route 53: Create Hosted Zone

The NS and SOA records should already be set up for you. What we need now, is at least 1 domain pointing to our S3 bucket.

Hit Create Record Set, set the type to A, make it an ALIAS and select our S3 bucket as the alias target:

Route 53: Create S3 Alias

This makes our S3 bucket available at, but we also want it to be available on the www subdomain, so we set up another A record pointing to the first one:

Route 53: Create another S3 Alias

Connecting an non-Route 53 registered Domain

If we have our domain registered with a different registrar than Amazon, we have to change the at our registrar nameservers to match the ones given by our Hosted Zones NS record.

Route 53: Hosted Zone Nameservers